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Public Speaking

John Dahlsen is an established professional and an expert in his field, he is a notable environmental artist, educator and motivational speaker. John delivers a message that can educate, inspire and motivate audiences around the world.

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John Dahlsen Public Speaker

He regularly gives keynote speeches on the positive effect his environmental art can have on our perceptions.

John delivers these seminars with a talk on environmental art with images of his own work spanning 30 years and elaborates on the trans-formative possibilities he shows by example in his work.

His target audiences range from participants in seminars and environmental symposium events and at corporate functions, to universities, exhibition openings and embassy events. John also regularly delivers talks at his various exhibitions.

He delivers these seminars for various time-frames, from 30 minutes to one and a half hours, depending on the target audience.

The speaking engagements are delivered with both Power Point and DVD presentations and involve an introduction about himself and some basics about his history as an artist and onto discussion about the importance of art and ecological awareness bringing about positive perceptual shifts. This leads into a PowerPoint presentation, where he projects various powerful art images.

Depending on the length and the exact nature of the presentation, this can amount to anywhere between 50 to 100 images, followed by a question and answer discussion. During image projections, John focus’s on the visuals of around eight main aspects of this environmental artwork. He encourages audience participation in the form of question and answers in all of his speeches. John has spoken to groups of people ranging in size from 30 – 3,000.


‘Public speaking has developed for me as a natural extension with my work as an environmental artist. I love to deliver keynote-speaking addresses to audiences worldwide.
My many years in the past as an educator have aided this, with my lecturing at both the university and secondary level. Invitations to speak publicly are common for me these days, which I enjoy. I love to travel, plus I believe the effect I have on my audience far outreaches the carbon footprint I’m making with the travel component of giving these lectures.
I’m very fortunate as well to connect with people on such an intimate way in these talks, as evidenced by how I regularly receive e-mails for long afterwards from around the globe by people who have been touched by one of my lectures.’

John Dahlsen Public Speaker

John Dahlsen Public Speaker

Further information about John’s speaking engagements:

* To book John to appear at your venue: A Conference or symposium for a keynote speech, or at your school or university for a lecture.

* To receive a detailed pricing schedule per lecture.  (Prices are dependent on audience numbers and location).

*  To get up to date availablilty (John is available year round for public speaking engagements both within Australia and internationally).

Contact John directly on 0411 705 313 or by email through this website with your inquiry.

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