Environmental art, digital prints and photography created from documented assemblages of plastics collected from Australian beaches.

Limited edition series of photographs. Each image being an environmental art photograph, of an installation assemblage of various collected and sorted, found objects- plastics, gathered from Australian beaches.

Another focus of my environmental art activity, is in the area of large-scale prints and paintings on canvas and paper. This exploration into prints was first initiated in 1999 and developed into my incorporating both screen print, digital print technology and painting in my work. It satisfied my concerns with advances in technology where I could begin to incorporate various images of the found plastics. In 1999 I developed a series of Cibachrome photographs taken from above – a birds eye view of the found plastics, I then developed these into complex high resolution large scale works on canvas, utilising contemporary computer and screen printing advances. The development of these works immediately followed the construction of my web site, during which I was to also learn the scope of possibilities within digital media. As well as embracing the digital and screen-printing arena, it also heralded my return to painting which was my main chosen medium for many years.