Creating Wealth

Creating wealth as an artist
Everyone knows the stereotype of the poor starving artist. For you, this can become an irrelevant notion of the past. As presented in my seminars, I have created a systematic, practical approach to creating a platform using the Internet to share your creative endeavours.

Art and Money

Art and money while pursuing your art career.
You might also consider other at-home business opportunities, such as writing a book. (This process is outlined in detail in my “Art Insights” seminar.) Ultimately, you can publish your own book e-book or online newsletter and have different products all related to your field of art. Many possibilities exist for a varied income stream.

Art Help

Art help with responsible financial management
Artists need to organize their money and protect and save their wealth. I have met many artists who were simply overwhelmed by financial planning. Most often they are responsible for the problem by not taking sufficient interest in their finances, and it is often necessary to twist an arm in order to persuade an artist to audit their income and take control.

Art and Business

Art and business success through using ‘The Parthenon Principle’.
To create an effective varied income stream we can look to the Parthenon Principle. If you have visited or seen the ancient Parthenon temple in Athens, you will recall its many Doric columns. These columns are the parallel between this surviving structure and the wealth we aim to build.

Sell Art

Best ways to talk about your art in order to sell art.
The best way to talk about your art is to start with the elements that you are most clear on. It’s really important not to waffle when you talk about art in general and particularly when addressing your own work. It’s most effective to directly respond to the questions being asked.

Marketing Artwork

Marketing artwork through approaching galleries
One of the first things that I’d recommend for an artist when they’re contacting the gallery for the first time is to never do it cold. Don’t just walk in off the street and expect that the gallery director will want to discuss your work with you.

Artist Marketing

Artist marketing is also an attitude.
Marketing is also an attitude. Your own perception of your work can usher in desired perceptions from others. Many artists start apologizing for their work. Here’s a secret: the viewing audience wants you to succeed, and they want you to be confident because they don’t want to feel sorry for you.

Artist Tips

Artist tips to help with managing emotions and having persistence.
Never place a call or send out an email when you are emotional. Email is a volatile communication form.

Art Product

Art product and maintaining integrity as an artist.
Your attitude guides how you work with your materials. I have been in exhibitions the world over where I have shown next to artists who have simply poured their piles of rubbish onto the floor. I have witnessed artists hoping to get away with dramatic statements about the environment and ecology by simply grossing out the viewing audience, making hard-hitting abrupt and blunt comments, and using lazy forms of expression to masquerade as art.

Art Businesses

Be resourceful with your art businesses.
Artists should think both creatively and responsibly about supporting their income. I wish to instil the importance of flexibility in today’s economy and the benefits of a multi-tiered income stream to support artistic activities. A multi-tiered income stream is not a compromise – it is an intelligent means to continue to practice what you love.

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