Help with the artist statement and biography.

It is best to craft a statement and bio that are fairly unique to one another to start with, however, your bio statement should be written in third person and a statement written in first person.

I personally have a number of artists statements. These range from different times in my career, from different stylistic periods in my career and are of various lengths. An example of this is with my current artist statement. I have three different versions of this statement, depending upon where I am showing it or presenting it.

Marketing the arts and the components of an artist’s successful CV and promotional material.

A Curriculum Vitae (CV) is your opportunity to market your arts successfully and list all of the shows in which your work has appeared, as well as to reference private collectors and museums that have purchased your work. A resume and a CV are often very similar, but a resume tends to be one or two pages, while a CV is comprehensive.

Art Helps

A fire destroyed my studio in 1983, taking seven years work with it. It shook my foundations as a person and brought me face to face with my mortality. It influenced my transition through a fairly diverse range of art practice and made the later transition to found objects easier, because I became less rigid as a person.

Creative Arts

A study into one mans journey into the creative arts.
I started making sculptural pieces with some of the larger plastics that had been washing up on my local beaches. I made totems and installations made with thongs, coke bottles and all of these things.

Art Promotion and Success

With art promotion and success, it’s always a good policy to remember that the idea of being a successful artist is a very relative notion.
I have granted myself permission to use a variety of techniques, as I want. Success is sometimes feeling that one isn’t categorized or confined and having the courage to promote whatever you do well.

Promote Art

Competitions as a way to promote art
I personally am very selective about the art competitions that I choose to enter. In my earlier years I used to enter just about anything, simply because the prizes were so enticing.

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