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Art and money while pursuing your art career.

You might also consider other at-home business opportunities, such as writing a book. (This process is outlined in detail in my “Art Insights” seminar.) Ultimately, you can publish your own book e-book or online newsletter and have different products all related to your field of art. Many possibilities exist for a varied income stream.

I have also been developing my own range of limited edition prints for a number of years. I first started making these around 1999 when the technology was in its earlier stages. Originally these prints were incorporated into my installations. I have since found that the prints provide another reliable stream of income when produced responsibly, in very small editions. I would recommend that you keep your editions to a maximum of 15 prints, thereby keeping them exclusive and special, which matters to clients. I also recommend pricing them affordably. This is particularly the case with digital and Giclée prints. These days I try to limit my limited edition prints to paper. I use 300 GSM arches paper, which is one of the best, and this really helps with quality. Sometimes I go onto canvas, but this is usually only when I am making works that are a part of an installation.

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