John Dahlsen is a leader in his field of Environmental art and has solutions about the present the art economy. He has developed a number of products, which include books, e-books, CDs, DVDs, subscriber based newsletters and seminars, which can help give vital assistance with the more pressing questions artists are currently facing with today’s unpredictable economy.

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“I am in a position to assist with in depth understanding in these areas, by informing artists about how to respond in a positive and flexible way to the current economic crisis, an economic crisis, most probably profoundly experienced by many artists and those involved with the arts.

Sales are falling, as art is considered one of the first luxuries to go in a crisis economy. How can we adjust to these changes in a quick and effective way? I intend to usher in an easy multi-step process, whereby artists can easily add to their financial security by using their own experience and sharing these experiences to make money outside of the usual gallery – artist relationship.

For too long artists have been limited by the pressure to sell their work as their sole form of income. I believe times have changed and that this predominant way of making money and having success is limited and outdated.

As an environmental artist who has had a significant amount of recognition in my chosen field of work, I am in a unique position to share the experiences I have gathered from the past 30 years having been involved in the arts.

Too often I have noticed that artists, operate on tight budgets and are sidelined into categories that do not attract significant money and are not seen as potential wealth creators in themselves. On a daily basis I receive a large amount of phone calls and emails with questions about how to cope with a rapidly changing economic landscape that we now find ourselves in.

I see that I have the capacity with my insights, to bring about a total shift of perception in many people in the field of art and other related industries, which will help people engaged in these fields, to make money quickly and effectively through following the simple steps that I have prepared.”

These steps are available through a number of resources and products, including books, e-books, DVDs, pod casts, audio-recording CD’s, subscriber based newsletters and seminars.

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