Effective artist marketing, means first selling yourself to yourself. What you believe about your work and yourself as an artist shows in your artist marketing and primes your audience to believe the same.

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Artist marketing is also an attitude.

Marketing is also an attitude. Your own perception of your work can usher in desired perceptions from others. Many artists start apologizing for their work. Here’s a secret: the viewing audience wants you to succeed, and they want you to be confident because they don’t want to feel sorry for you. If you are having an exhibition, the viewing audience assumes that you feel confident about the work showing. Go with it. Never imply that you are out of your league, and you won’t be.

If you feel like there’s no use to your efforts, that you’ll never be successful, or if you conjure up the same self-depreciating ideas over and over again, then you need meditation and/or exercise. Meditation and exercise empower you and send positive messages to your brain. They are powerful tools for increasing energy, positivity and confidence, almost immediately.

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