Art is the business of sharing worldview, but it’s also the business of artist sales in the face of stiff competition. No business would attempt to compete without a strategy, and without a business-minded plan, both artist sales and the impact of your art suffer.

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A structured approach strategy for artist sales
Let me state up front for artist sales that it is of utmost importance to have a reasonably structured approach serving as your guideline. The art market is very competitive, and any edge that you can gain by simply having a well-laid plan will set you steps ahead of your competitors.  Most artists don’t like to see themselves as competitive or having competitors, but the simple fact is that you are in a business and you need to be business minded in order to succeed.
Let’s be clear about one fact: the number of artists who achieve runaway success in their lifetimes and have multi-million-dollar incomes as a result of great fame is relatively small. Many artists go into the business of making art equipped only with the desire to make good work and the hope for wealth and fame.
Unless you develop strategy you will always be wondering when you are going to have the success that you know is possible.

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