Important Tips About Creating Products.

I highly recommend to anybody who is giving a public speaking lecture, to film it. Go to the reasonably small expense to document it professionally. It doesn’t have to be a lavish affair. Just rent a good video camera or borrow one off a good friend and set it up so that it records the whole event. You may need to arrange that someone changes the memory or film at different intervals, depending on the camera.

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If you document your lecture or your public speaking engagement you’ll be doing a few things at once. Firstly you will be creating an archive, which is irreplaceable. This archive can be converted into a DVD in a reasonably simple manner at your own computer. This DVD once produced, can then be either sold at future speaking engagements or through your website. I can’t stress enough how important it is.

This can also be expanded into various other products. You can record what you’re speaking about as an audio recording. This can be made into a CD.  This CD will become another product available for sale on your website, or at your next speaking engagement.

This information can also be converted into a book. I teach about this in detail during my own seminars.

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