An arts marketing plan – especially when you work it yourself – benefits from the same sense of balance you’d bring to any creative composition. Equal parts personal and public, creating and selling, inhaling beauty and then exhaling it make for an arts marketing plan that tips the scales in an artist’s favour.

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In terms of an arts marketing plan, another common question has been in reference to my arts marketing and the fact that I have chosen to be largely self-represented. How do I maintain such a strong focus on creating new work, while balancing it with the art of selling, booking speaking engagements, etc.?
Being predominantly self-represented has also just happened gradually, toward the end of the nineties, and has continued to this day. I did market myself quite aggressively at one point, as I really wanted to make no mistake as to how I positioned myself. In many ways, this has worked, as I tend to rely more on my reputation these days. I’ve found that responding relatively early to the need for an Internet presence has worked wonders for me with international exposure and demand, and has made the decision of when to need to have dealers or galleries work for me a much easier decision to make.
Some of the challenges I experience as a self-represented artist are based around the uncertainty of future projects, as I am not in a usual cycle of X number of exhibitions per year, depending on the number of galleries representing a particular artist. But that said, I have found it usually has a way of working itself out, and I quite like the randomness of it all. I could never become a production line, which probably explains, in part, the variety of work that I make as the years go by.
I maintain a strong focus on creating new work, while balancing it with the art of selling and booking speaking engagements by attending to my personal life equally, with the same amount of vigor and enthusiasm as I have for my art, so that I have the inner strength to not let the business side of things weigh me down in my career. I think this is important, to have a good balance. To get plenty of exercise, have lots of harmony with nature and meditation to help with it all. I also live in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Try Googling “Byron Bay” in Australia, and you’ll see what I mean! Although it like all places on our planet, is facing potential unheard of climate changes, unless we change our ways immediately.

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