Planning is an opportunity to think systematically about opportunities.  An action plan establishes a timeline of activities that need to be accomplished on the way to achieving your goal.

It is an integrated series of small steps – a roadmap guiding you from A to B.

With proper planning, your anxiety about the outcome of your goal will be replaced by directed activity. Practice developing an action plan for a single short-term goal. (I’ve been using a great software programme called ‘Mindjet Mind Manager’ – A simple clear and clean planning model, available over the internet.)

Go through the following steps.

1. Look over your short-term goal list and choose something that you want to accomplish in a month or two.

2.    Write the goal at the top of a page. Then list the actions you will take over the next few days or weeks to complete the goal.

List specific actions, such as researching information, making a phone call, taking a digital image of recently completed work, etc. List them consecutively.

3. Next to each action, write the date you plan to complete it. Be realistic.

4. Do the actions as planned, by either writing up a weekly to-do list or posting this sheet of paper where you can refer to it daily.

Working towards your goals is easier if you can sustain consistent, minimal effort. This will also help you maintain your initial enthusiasm. As you internalize this process, a system will emerge, as will short cuts.

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