Marketing the arts can be tricky for creative types. The artist in them favours intuitive, from-the-hip marketing manoeuvres. The businessperson lurking within grumbles about practicality and bottom lines. But with proper management and encouragement, both sides can get along – and marketing the arts becomes both a creative and a logical endeavour.

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Marketing the arts and separating the artist from the entrepreneur

The business side of the arts, which can both sustain individual artists and lead to wealth creation, needs to be encouraged and properly managed. Sometimes artists get discouraged in their business. It is important to separate your artistic sensitivity from your business clarity.

I’ve run the business side of my art for many years now. It didn’t actually become a functioning business until I got clear that I wanted to get more orderly and business-savvy. I have since developed CDs, DVDs books and e-books on this topic, as well as a subscriber newsletter. You may even wish to attend one of my “Art Insights” seminars, where I explain how to set up alternative revenue streams in general.

It may be helpful to you to develop an alter ego when you’re working on the business side of your art or your product. You don’t have to use this name in your business dealings, but you might find that the energy of that person can shift your own body language when you’re in your office facing issues that confront the artist side of you.

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