The future of the city is essentially that of co-operation not competition. We will see communities forging together to create a balanced lifestyle. This is already beginning to happen in some of the more advanced cities currently, where people are beginning to share in their freshly grown produce whether it be vegetables or fresh-baked bread and eggs. People are beginning to realise that the way we have been treating this planet is unsustainable. It’s also unsustainable for us to treat our bodies with neglect by eating overly processed foods any longer.

We don’t need to revert to becoming cavemen again, however we do need to safeguard our future by planning to become more natural in every way. This will be the future of our cities, where all of our freshwater is captured from the buildings and our electricity will be generated from renewable sources such as solar and wind. Our methods of transport will of course also become new as a result of the cessation of carbon emitting modes of transport. Bicycle ways and walkways will become more prevalent and more popular through people wishing to stay healthy and fit through regular daily exercise.

All forms of visual pollution will be outlawed so that once again we will be able to visit and walk amongst our cities and enjoy the streetscapes with the beautiful gardens and terraces complemented by contemporary architecture and design, which will all be created with ecologically friendly intention.

We are entering a golden age where it will be no longer possible for outdated beliefs and structures to exist. The future cities across our planet will be a reflection of this and will only exist because they stand for the new way. All cities, which lag behind this approach, will simply disintegrate and will cease to be able to operate as habitable environments for humans to live. It is a natural evolution that cities will develop this way, as it has always been in the past and that is the survival of the fittest. It will be natural for the very best that we are able to offer in terms of a city, will be the very type of city that will last into the future. As mankind takes the shift into the golden age with the necessity of being intelligent and enlightened in his heart all else will follow and we will see cities develop and grow which nourish and support our way of life.

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