Art help is usually concerned with organization – composition, materials, time, and maybe even more importantly, money. But while other forms of organization interest artists, the dollars-and-cents sort of art help can seem rather boring. When you consider that financial strength feeds artistic integrity and longevity, though, responsible financial management becomes quite interesting, indeed.

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Art help with responsible financial management

Artists need to organize their money and protect and save their wealth. I have met many artists who were simply overwhelmed by financial planning. Most often they are responsible for the problem by not taking sufficient interest in their finances, and it is often necessary to twist an arm in order to persuade an artist to audit their income and take control. Some artists take control by seeking advice from good accounting firms and business managers. The problem can be solved with a new mindset that places a premium on wealth creation and disciplined spending that places an emphasis on the formulation of long-term financial goals and discourages short-term wants. Such a strategy can be developed with the help of financial advisors and professional investment help, but wealth creation and disciplined spending begins with a personal decision made by an artist that he or she will live according to a set of values and principles and will establish their spending priorities accordingly.

There are also, of course, a lot of artists who succeed at buying property and have a diverse portfolio of investments. There are other artists who are legendary for their penchant for saving their money. I encourage artists to save their money and invest it in a variety of ways ranging from real estate to gold to the latest initial public offerings (IPOs) in the stock market.

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