The importance of transformation and growth cannot be over-estimated. Turning life’s experiences into growth experiences is not only intelligent, it is imperative in today’s world. Most artists have tremendous growth through their work in the studio.
It’s not the intention in this chapter to go into these particular transformative possibilities, however each of us has experiences in our studios that form our own individual transformations. This can happen by making spectacular jumps in perception, through being alert to the accident occurring in your work. It’s important to learn from your experiences in life.

I found my own unique way through both my creativity and by developing an inner awareness. In order to have a form of creativity that is largely free of self-obsessive angst and tragedy, it has been necessary for me to work on my own personal growth. This has been tremendous through resolving issues that are essentially outside the creative process.
Developing my own sense of personal awareness has opened the doors for me to be able to create art that has positivity at its core, art, which has the ability to share a transformative message for others on a global level. This wouldn’t have happened, or it would have taken many years longer, had I not consciously worked on myself to come to terms with some of the issues that were in my life. I realised that at one point it was up to me alone to find my own inner resolution.

To paint a picture about the inner processes I have used to bring me to this point, I’d like to share a metaphor.

“A woman goes to the doctor and complaints about everything hurting, when she touches all parts of the body, it hurts. She touches her ankle and it hurts, she touches her hips and that hurts, she touches her belly and that hurts and she touches her head and it hurts. The doctor has a good look and says; “I think I have really good news for you.” – And then says. “Your finger is broken.”

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