I’ve personally found the answer is not always found on the outside. The greater shifts in perception happen within. Suffering is not in the fact; it is in the perception of the fact.

On a deep level, creating wealth for example, is adding value. A state of not being divided internally will automatically attract a state of prosperity, you could call this a state of ‘Oneness’, and for a creative person this state has to be paramount for success.

From time to time it’s important to identify the state you are in and how much of you is in conflict with yourself and how much of you is in a state of completeness within yourself. How is your health? How is your state of prosperity? How are your relationships? Which part of your consciousness are you aligned to – the higher or the lower?

With creativity, you need to have a very strong intent. Intent is different from desire. It is desire with tremendous passion. Intent possesses you. You are obsessed. You are driven. You also need to know where your intent is sourced. Is your creativity rooted in what will benefit humankind as a whole, or is it more of a selfish pursuit? This is not a value judgement. They are questions that are important for to you to consider and to address. If your intentions are misaligned, your creativity will always be misguided.

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