The importance of personal transformation and growth as an artist.

This segment I devote to the importance of personal transformation and growth as an artist, when looked at  from a spiritual  dimension.

Turning life’s experiences into growth experiences, is not only intelligent, it is imperative in today’s world.

I believe we have tremendous growth  occurring through our activities in the studio as artists. It’s not the intention in this last chapter to go into these particular transformative possibilities, as each of us has experiences in our studios, which form our own individual transformation as artists and form our own transformation with the work. This can happen in the way of making spectacular jumps in perception, simply through being alert to the accident occurring in your work.

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It’s also important to learn from your experiences in life as a broader picture. I have mentioned how I learned many things on a deeper inner level due to my working on the experience in my life, of my father committing suicide a few weeks before I was born. It was only through going into this process within myself again and again, until I had fully experienced the pain that I had locked in my body and in my emotional and psychological side ever since I was in the womb, that I have finally come to peace about this particular event happening. You have to remember that at the time of his suicide, I was still in my mother’s womb and as such, I fully experienced her shock and her pain.  The pain that her husband had taken his own life and left her alone with three small children and one more due to be born three weeks later.

It became essential for me to deal with this so that I would first of all not follow in his footsteps and second of all not end up a psychologically depressive case or worse still, turning into someone carrying around enormous anger and hatred for his whole life. I’m at the point now where I have not only forgiven my parents for whatever their individual roles were in this tragic circumstance taking place, but I’ve also found a place inside myself, where I have asked their individual forgiveness of myself and the fact that I chose to come in to this life at that crucial point in time. This was an incredible healing for me and served to transform my life in the most positive of ways.

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