I found my way through creativity and through developing an inner dialogue. I have found that in order to have a form of creativity that is largely free of self-obsessive angst and tragedy, it has been necessary for me to work on my own personal growth. This has been tremendous.

It has opened the doors for me to be able to create art freely and enthusiastically, the kind of art that that has positivity at its very core. Art, which has the ability to share a transformative message for others, on a global level.

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This wouldn’t have happened, had I not consciously worked on myself to come to terms with some of the issues that were in my life. I did have a particularly big one to work on with my father’s death, it was not hidden from me, I was aware of what my father did and I was aware of all of the reasons why he supposedly did it. But none of those reasons resolved the issues that I grew up with as a result. I realized that at one point it was up to me alone to find my own inner resolution.

I’m mentioning my own personal experience here, simply because I see that through using some of the above principles, including expanding to higher consciousness, it has helped me come to terms with my life and its challenges.

I would like to share a few metaphors with you, to paint a picture about the inner processes I have been through that have bought me to this point.

A woman goes to the doctor and complaints about everything hurting, when she touches all parts of the body, it hurts. She touches her ankle and it hurts, she touches her hips and that hurts, she touches her belly and that hurts and she touches her head and it hurts. The doctor has a good look and says, “I think I have really good news for you.” And then says. “Your finger is broken.”

I have personally found the answer is not always found on the outside. The greater shifts in perception happen within. In this instance suffering is not in the fact, it is in the perception of the fact. Remember this.

Suffering is not in the fact, it is in the perception of the fact.

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