My work exemplifies my commitment as an artist to express contemporary social and environmental concerns. At the same time, I’m sharing a positive message about beauty and the aesthetic experience. I am also offering examples of detritus re-cycle and re-use. I hope that this work encourages those who experience it to look at the environment in creative ways.  These things are definitely driving forces behind my work and things, which underpin my whole creative process.

People have expressed to me an awareness that manifests after seeing my found object artwork. When they walk the beach they feel awakened by possibilities. I am touched when people marvel at the creative way I present the recycling theme in my various bodies of work. I entrust the final alchemy of my work to the viewer with the possibility that they may experience deep perceptual shifts and have a positive aesthetic experience. I will always hope that my work will act as a constant reminder to walk gently on the planet.

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