Artist Success

Creative Arts

A study into one mans journey into the creative arts.
I started making sculptural pieces with some of the larger plastics that had been washing up on my local beaches. I made totems and installations made with thongs, coke bottles and all of these things.

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Art Promotion and Success

With art promotion and success, it’s always a good policy to remember that the idea of being a successful artist is a very relative notion.
I have granted myself permission to use a variety of techniques, as I want. Success is sometimes feeling that one isn’t categorized or confined and having the courage to promote whatever you do well.

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Art and Money

Art and money while pursuing your art career.
You might also consider other at-home business opportunities, such as writing a book. (This process is outlined in detail in my “Art Insights” seminar.) Ultimately, you can publish your own book e-book or online newsletter and have different products all related to your field of art. Many possibilities exist for a varied income stream.

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Art Help

Art help with responsible financial management
Artists need to organize their money and protect and save their wealth. I have met many artists who were simply overwhelmed by financial planning. Most often they are responsible for the problem by not taking sufficient interest in their finances, and it is often necessary to twist an arm in order to persuade an artist to audit their income and take control.

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Art and Business

Art and business success through using ‘The Parthenon Principle’.
To create an effective varied income stream we can look to the Parthenon Principle. If you have visited or seen the ancient Parthenon temple in Athens, you will recall its many Doric columns. These columns are the parallel between this surviving structure and the wealth we aim to build.

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