Artist Success

Promoting Art

Promoting art is about promoting yourself, not in a crass, “see how wonderful I am” way, but in a way that promotes your vision, the core of what makes you…well, you. It takes courage, promoting art and putting yourself out there for public inspection, but so does creating art that tells your private truth.

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Artist Help

A lot of artist help has to do with technique, but what about self worth, the sense that your art is worth making – not to mention selling – in the first place? Surprisingly, the best source of this most valuable form of artist help that I’ve found comes not from the art community but from a nuclear power plant repair specialist.

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Artist Tips

My personal story reads like a book of artist tips. One of my favourite artist tips is that although you really do need to wait for inspiration to wash up, to grab hold of it you must first make your way to the shore. If you’re willing to meet inspiration halfway, you could catch a wave so big that you need help carrying it all back to the studio.

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Selling Art

The necessity of selling art can lead creative expansion to a dead end. “If I head in a new direction,” we ask, “will my audience follow?” My experience, though, is that striking out for largely unmapped territories is what makes the resulting art appealing to so many. And it’s what makes selling art so rewarding – in both financial and spiritual terms.

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Fine Art Help

Fine art help often comes directly from an artist’s surroundings. My passion for environmental art, for instance, might never have burned so brightly – or ignited at all – had I not unconsciously asked for fine art help from the cool waters of the sea.

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Art Helps

Art helps you to transform. I’ve gone through several distinct phases in my career, creating a diverse body of work. The following factors are what led me to change my approach.
Art helps, in part, by building bridges to expanded consciousness. But art helps also when it destroys that to which you cling too tightly. And art helps most when it burns you right down to the bones, as it did to me.

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