With public speaking, the following few tips are based on my own experience and the lessons I have learnt from my mistakes. When I say mistakes in the realm of public speaking, I usually mean something that has caused me to be quite red-faced in public. The following is to help you avoid getting yourself into that kind of situation. Remember once you are in front of the public it is too late, you need to be prepared and hopefully the following will help you.

Before the lecture, take the time to go somewhere by yourself and unwind a bit. Give your voice a good workout; without straining to the point where you may lose your voice! Simply walk around a bit and talk to yourself loud and soft until you are comfortable with the way that you sound and then when you are on stage you will be able to automatically begin with a sense of confidence and at the same time have a good pitch to your voice.

There are a few other tricks that you can use as soon as you reach the microphone or as soon as you are introduced.

Begin by asking them a question. Can everybody hear me clearly?

Or: Is everybody feeling okay? – Usually they all say yes. If no one answers ask it again just a bit louder. They will answer a second time and by then you have had a chance to settle your nerves.?Firstly I’d like to begin with a few practical suggestions.

Public speaking essentially is about the “Art of speaking”. Muscles control your voice. You must warm up the muscles before you exercise, we may strain or damage them. Keep this in mind because it’s a very, very good way to start a lecture or to start any form of public presentation.

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