Life as an artist, or as the intimate partner of an artist, might be romantic for many people. In many ways, my partner and I have enjoyed our fair share of romance in our relationship because I am an artist.
At exhibitions, we are often the center of attention. We have been treated extraordinarily well as the result of my artistic renown, flown to exotic destinations, accommodated in superior hotels and rubbed shoulders with the elite in fabulous restaurants.

Ironically, I have gradually come to understand, and acknowledge, that my partner does not like most contemporary art. She would certainly prefer to avoid the preciousness of the inner sanctum of the art world. More often than not, these days she refrains from joining me on my public artistic excursions.
As my partner and I graduated from the romance to the reality of life as an artist, we organised our lives in quite specific and perhaps uncommon ways.
For example, because of the unpredictable nature of my income, we have individual financial arrangements. We share a mortgage on our home, but other than that, we manage our finances separately.
Discovering and uncovering the inherent aspects of both the romance and reality of life as an artist, or as the partner of an artist, has been a journey of expansion and deepening trust in my personal relationship. As an artist, or the partner of an artist, there is no escaping this journey. Being open to its many faces is essential to domestic goodwill for an artist.

Published on: Dec 6 2013
Scheduled for: June 6 2014

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