Fear is with us all and is a natural human condition, which for the most part ensures our survival and gives us an extra vitality in extreme conditions. Once you begin to respond to your own fears, whatever they are, you begin to harness massive amounts of energy, energy that can be used and transformed for creative purposes and also as ways to make your life more abundant. Some of the best art has been made as a result of artists confronting their fears in the studio, where artists are responding in positive ways to either accidents or other incidents and instead of giving in to the fear of failure, or to the fear of the unknown, they take a jump and use the opportunity to transform and go to another level. This can and will happen with your business life as an artist also.

You will naturally have challenges on a career-based level with finances or with your need to go outside your comfort level when making particular decisions. You will need to take risky business decisions, which will require you to transcend fear in order to have them become successful ones. After all, what‘s the point in being an artist, a creator, if you are not willing to confront your fears? You may as well hang wallpaper.
If this is a big issue for you personally and you feel you do often give in to your fears one way or another, consciously or unconsciously, you may want to explore your tendencies. By this, I mean have a look around and see what’s on offer. I don’t think every issue can be resolved in the studio. In certain instances you need to look elsewhere in the market place to sort out some things, which may be holding you back. Engaging in an extreme sport may help certain people, perhaps meditation, or counselling even will help to free up restricting personality hindrances which could be slowing down your performance either as an artist with your creativity, or as a person who has the ability to create abundance in their lives by transcending their own fear levels.

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