Creating Wealth

Creating wealth as an artist
Everyone knows the stereotype of the poor starving artist. For you, this can become an irrelevant notion of the past. As presented in my seminars, I have created a systematic, practical approach to creating a platform using the Internet to share your creative endeavours.

Art and Marketing

A primary form of my art and marketing is to spend a significant amount of time giving lectures about my work.
For creative types, art and marketing go together about as well as oil and water. But really, marketing can be an art in its own right, a performing art that amplifies the message you whisper through your physical creations.

Promoting Art

Promoting art isn’t so much about the art itself as the issue or feeling the art speaks to. So what drives you to create art? For me, it’s often oneness with humanity and ecological concerns. For you it may be different, but whatever gets you going is the key to exciting audiences and successfully promoting your art.

Art Economy

John Dahlsen is a leader in his field of Environmental art. He has developed a number of products, which include books, e-books, CDs, DVDs, subscriber based newsletters and seminars, which can help give vital assistance with the more pressing questions artists are currently facing with today’s unpredictable economy.

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