Sell Art

Best ways to talk about your art in order to sell art.
The best way to talk about your art is to start with the elements that you are most clear on. It’s really important not to waffle when you talk about art in general and particularly when addressing your own work. It’s most effective to directly respond to the questions being asked.

Art Tips

Art tips for artists planning and goal setting
I recommend planning your year at a high level, setting dates for various goals. On a micro level, I have been very successful by telling myself that am about to spend the next three hours making art, for example, and that I will feel rewarded for it.

Art Tip

A great effective art tip is: Your willingness to go the extra mile will determine your success. Your willingness to go the extra mile will determine your success. Not only do you deliver when you say you will, but you deliver with enthusiasm. You do not stop at “good enough.” The law of reciprocity exists in the art business.

Artist Help

A lot of artist help has to do with technique, but what about self worth, the sense that your art is worth making – not to mention selling – in the first place? Surprisingly, the best source of this most valuable form of artist help that I’ve found comes not from the art community but from a nuclear power plant repair specialist.

Art Pricing

If your work is made of found objects and recycled materials, is it rubbish – and subject to rubbish art pricing? Or is it a work whose value far transcends that of which it is made? When it comes to art pricing and an audience’s willingness to value your art, education makes all the difference.

Selling Art

The necessity of selling art can lead creative expansion to a dead end. “If I head in a new direction,” we ask, “will my audience follow?” My experience, though, is that striking out for largely unmapped territories is what makes the resulting art appealing to so many. And it’s what makes selling art so rewarding – in both financial and spiritual terms.

Fine Art Tips

The best fine art tip for any artist, is to look within, find the small shining truth at your centre, and never, ever let it go. My core truth – my ultimate fine art tip – is that there is no separation between artist and environment. And that insight has led to some of the finest art I’ve ever created.

Artists Help On Obstacles In Your Career

Often, an artist’s help doesn’t look like artist’s help at all. In fact, it sometimes looks like disaster. Selling problems, creative integrity slips, even having your studio reduced to smoking cinders – whatever the setback, it can be an outward reminder to turn inward and rise from the ashes in a spectacular new way.

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