“Art Insights” by John Dahlsen


John’s first e-Book titled “Art Insights” Includes his journey into Environmental and recycled art.
It provides insights into sound business ideas for today’s artist and a further number of insights through common questions and answers.

Includes chapters on simple steps for artists to make multi-pillared streams of income. This e-Book also includes a complete section on questions to and answers from the artist.’

This is the first in a series of three “Art Insights” e-Books written by John Dahlsen.

‘John Dahlsen is acknowledged as a leader in his field of environmental art. From this position he outlines in this e-Book how he began his journey into making this art, how it has led to his also making CD’s, DVD’s, books and e-books, as well as conducting seminars about the above topic, which he has specialized in for the past 15 years.


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