“An Artist’s Guide to a Successful Career” e-Book

An Artist’s Guide to Career Success is a comprehensive, holistic guide to financial and career success for artists and students wanting a reliable reference tool to guide them through all aspects of the art industry. This insider’s guide provides specific information, real examples and pertinent anecdotes about all aspects of the business of art. It is an invaluable and intelligent book that explores what it takes to have a successful career in the arts and will dispel romantic notions about life as an artist, while providing practical information and advice.

This book is a unique commentary on the art world from an artist’s perspective, and it includes insights into strategic practical business suggestions supported by an array of unique images from his collection as an environmental artist. It is an exceptional resource providing a wealth of information in an all-in-one guide to the business of art that also recognizes the reality that artists have spiritual yearnings often competing with the need to make money.

Divided into seven revealing sections and having a detailed postscript and appendix, this book contains everything the artist needs to know to launch and maintain a successful art career.

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“Art Insights” e-Book
John’s first e-Book titled “Art Insights” Includes his journey into Environmental and recycled art.
It provides insights into sound business ideas for today’s artist and a further number of insights through common questions and answers.

Includes chapters on simple steps for artists to make multi-pillared streams of income. This e-Book also includes a complete section on questions to and answers from the artist.’

This is the first in a series of three “Art Insights” e-Books written by John Dahlsen.

‘John Dahlsen is acknowledged as a leader in his field of environmental art. From this position he outlines in this e-Book how he began his journey into making this art, how it has led to his also making CD’s, DVD’s, books and e-books, as well as conducting seminars about the above topic, which he has specialized in for the past 15 years.

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Art Insights IIArt Insights III

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