The Inner Artist.

Whatever it is you do, you need to discover the inner nourishment that brings fulfillment to your life.

One time an interviewer asked the Australian painter Brett Whiteley, “What is more important for you art or life?” He responded by saying: “Life is”. I couldn’t agree more.

A man goes to the master and says he can’t hear. He was gradually loosing his hearing. The master asked him, “Do you have a grandchild?” And the old man responded, “I didn’t come here about my grandchild, I came here because I can’t hear.” and the master said again, “Do you have a grandchild?” and the old man said, “Yes” and the master said, “Buy two ice creams and sit together underneath and old trailer and eat the ice cream.” The old man goes home and finds his grandchild and they find a place to eat their ice creams and they enjoy it so much, talking, listening to each other and making plans for the next adventure. They end up spending more time the next day running around finding different things to do and miraculously as this is happening, the old man’s hearing gets better and better.

The old man has found his childhood again. Why he stopped hearing others was because he went into the army at a very young age and became a soldier and early on took up a position of responsibility. Later in life he ended up taking positions of responsibility in his own company and got used to not hearing people, only giving orders. He got used to ignoring what other people were saying because of his position of responsibility. He lost his childhood, so this experience ended up changing the way that he approached life and as a result he started hearing again.

It’s important to find ways to access higher consciousness. In each and every way, find your clarity and have integrity about your motives. It’s when the conscious mind becomes clear that the higher consciousness can enter it. This will be the greatest gift you can give yourself not only as an artist but also as a person.

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