Arts marketing is not something best left to the money-obsessed. For me, arts marketing is yet another means to interact with my environment, a way to dialog with my audiences, who then speak to my heart and spark inspiration I’d never find in any other way.

With arts marketing, a common question asked of me has been did I market my art work as “environmental” in the beginning?

I never really marketed my art as any particular style at first. The term “Environmental art” simply grew the longer I worked with it and it had its obvious commentary on environmental issues. At first, I called these works “assemblages” and “Contemporary Landscapes.” By now, my work has naturally grown over the years into this stronger concern for the environment. As such, I’m happy to be termed an “Environmental Artist.”
I am open to surprises, and they just keep coming. Teaching others about the importance of the environment through delivering more lectures about my art in public speaking engagements does interest me, particularly as you can see from my Web site that I have been a hugely prolific artist over the years, and I have lots to lecture about with heaps of visuals. I think this will go hand in hand with creating new work, as I’m also really enjoying the possibilities I see in my re-entry into painting. This excites me to no end at the moment.

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