The response of the public to my work with found objects has often been challenging for me. Certain people are uncomfortable or over-demonstrable when they see me walking along the beach collecting rubbish, because of their own positive or negative projections. They sometimes have an external reaction or projection, purely being a specifically personal response of their own and how they see this activity. Most of the time for me it was as though I were doing performance art, collecting rubbish was also my daily meditation.

My work continues to grow in different directions and finds new shifts in emphasis. I’ve just allowed each next shift to happen organically. It’s been quite interesting to feel the doors open and find myself moving through them into something always new.

Cynicism from viewing audiences always feels like an obstacle, one that can pull you away from your centre. The challenge is returning to your centre, going deep to find your truth. And you can only get there by going inward. So for the most part, in my experience, setbacks are opportunities, or blessings in disguise.

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