Many artists know that clear, focused, and honest art sells. Far fewer realize that clear, focused, and honest talk is one of the best ways to sell art.

Best ways to talk about your art in order to sell art.

The best way to talk about your art is to start with the elements that you are most clear on. It’s really important not to waffle when you talk about art in general and particularly when addressing your own work. It’s most effective to directly respond to the questions being asked. If I’m not comfortable about the direction a particular conversation is going I change it. Express your enthusiasm but prevent yourself from rambling on to avoid losing their interest. Be aware of who is listening to you and their level of interest as you speak.

Whether you are speaking to gallery directors, clients or friends, at some point the topic of artistic influences will arise. I think it’s important is to be honest when you’re talking about your work, and if there are artists who have influenced you it’s good to acknowledge it. There is no need to turn the subject away from your own work, however, particularly if the other artists who have influenced you are contemporaries. This can have the effect of dampening the conversation about your own work and can reduce your ability immediately to sell art.

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