Those looking to build art and business success in today’s market could do worse than to emulate the construction techniques of the ancient Greeks. Just as the many columned Parthenon has outlasted centuries, art and business efforts built on a multi-tiered income foundation stand where others fall.

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Art and business success through using ‘The Parthenon Principle’.

To create an effective varied income stream we can look to the Parthenon Principle. If you have visited or seen the ancient Parthenon temple in Athens, you will recall its many Doric columns. These columns are the parallel between this surviving structure and the wealth we aim to build. If one column collapses there are others to bear the weight of the roof. Setting up multi-tiered income generation streams that are independent of each other means that if one is not performing well at a particular point in time, one of the other income streams will be, and the roof will not come crashing down.  Following this principle means not relying on selling art through a gallery alone.

What happens in tough economic times like these when work isn’t selling and galleries are closing down? Do you have a strategy? Do you have a backup plan so that you can continue to have an income when you’re not selling work? Do you go into teaching full-time? Is that what you really want?

I am a strong proponent of trying a non-traditional at-home/in-studio business opportunity that supports your artistic endeavours without succumbing to work that you don’t want to pursue.

We are all specialized in a particular field. Imagine including your own book on your website, or running your own workshop on a DVD where you share information about your creative process. This information would be unique, as you are the unique individual assembling the information. No one else can do this. You are in fact creating unique information that is valuable for others to hear or read or see.

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