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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Is it advisable to learn Business approaches when you’re an artist?
I personally believe it’s a great thing for an artist to be business savvy. I think it’s intelligent for them to really prepare for the business of being an artist. I’m not talking here about what goes on in behind the closed doors of a studio, where inspiration and a lot of hard work are responsible for the creation of your artworks. I’m talking about just the simple day today running of your finances, how you deal with galleries, how you bring in a responsible income, how you respond with flexibility to situations like the current economic crisis.
It is my opinion that it is so important for artists to also develop a number of financial streams of income, a multi-pillared approach, so that they will be safe when things aren’t so good. Sometimes works don’t sell when you have an exhibition. What do you do then? The only way to be fully prepared is to..

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lost a lot of money. Just don’t get carried away. Target what it is that you want to learn about, what it is that will really help you in your business, do the course or courses and then apply them to your career you won’t look back….

2. How do I separate the two, the artist and the business person?
Become an alter ego when you’re working on the business side of your art or your product. You don’t have to use this name in your business dealings, but you might find that..

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