Artists must explore alternative incomes to support their career

Although I feel at peace in my relationship with my biological father, and his untimely death, it has still affected my ability to live a ‘normal’ life and desire ‘normal’ jobs. It’s not that I haven’t been able to take on run of the mill jobs, it’s just that I have had a constant need to do something more ‘edgy’, things that have more possibility – and greater risk – than merely mowing lawns all my life or serving drinks behind a bar.

Artists have an extra sensitivity towards life that is vital to their well being as an artist

There is no doubt that artists have an extra sensitivity towards life. In fact, it is a necessary component of the artist’s quality that enables him or her to respond creatively to life’s experiences. What initiates or develops this sensitivity is, of course, an individual thing. In my case, I believe my sensitivity, as an artist was a by-product of my biological father’s suicide when I was a toddler. This tragedy, and its impact on my mother and siblings, has fuelled this ‘extra sensitivity’ to life.

The romance and reality of life as an artist (and as the partner of an artist)

Life as an artist, or as the intimate partner of an artist, might be romantic for many people. In many ways, my partner and I have enjoyed our fair share of romance in our relationship because I am an artist.
At exhibitions, we are often the center of attention. We have been treated extraordinarily well as the result of my artistic renown, flown to exotic destinations, accommodated in superior hotels and rubbed shoulders with the elite in fabulous restaurants.

Art Revelations #4: Personal Transformation And Resolution

The artist’s journey has many rewards, some obvious and some quite hidden, only to be miraculously revealed towards the end of a career. Through attention to core issues at the beginning of the journey and continued focus throughout a lifetime of being an artist, where clear renewed definition of yourself as a professional in your field, has provided you with the confidence needed to envision your future without fear, you will see these rewards come your way. With this necessarily precise attention, you will always see results.

Art Revelations #3: Personal Transformation And Resolution

To prompt yourself into action you need to have a strong enough intent. You need to make sure that your effort is mutually nourishing and is essentially beneficial to others. You need to know that you’re capable of putting in constant effort and preferably have this effort be inspired over a long period, and then you will see the results of your effort.

Transcending Fear

You will naturally have challenges on a career-based level with finances or with your need to go outside your comfort level when making particular decisions. You will need to take risky business decisions, which will require you to transcend fear in order to have them become successful ones. After all, what‘s the point in being an artist, a creator, if you are not willing to confront your fears? You may as well hang wallpaper.

Developing Confidence As An Artist #4

It’s always good to remember why you became an artist in the first place, or why you wanted to study art and to remember to have fun in the process of making your art this will help you to stay fresh. Just begin somewhere and see where it goes. Some of the problem originates with how tedious you become with the preparation of the surface upon which you are going to work.


Across Europe there are artist resources in each country, probably such an exhaustive number exist in each country and each major city, that it is pointless to list them all here. Look them up on a need to know basis when you are there and reap the benefits of the insider knowledge you gain and the networking opportunities found. They are priceless.

Alchemy And Evolution In Art #2

Career challenges will be things that you begin to look forward to instead of things you dread and avoid. No longer will you undermine your success. The art revelations and insights will naturally bring success, where your own personal reflections and vision will clear obstacles & provide direction. You will most importantly remember to breathe as you have your own unique personal experience & insights and develop your central artistic concerns with the confidence you always wanted and somewhere know you always had.

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