There is no doubt that artists have an extra sensitivity towards life. In fact, it is a necessary component of the artist’s quality that enables him or her to respond creatively to life’s experiences. What initiates or develops this sensitivity is, of course, an individual thing. In my case, I believe my sensitivity, as an artist was a by-product of my biological father’s suicide when I was a toddler. This tragedy, and its impact on my mother and siblings, has fuelled this ‘extra sensitivity’ to life.

This artist’s sensitivity has been particularly helpful when it comes to any form of creativity I have engaged in over the years. It adds intensity and depth to my work. The fact that I haven’t been able to fully express this depth is the reason the art world has not unequivocally embraced my work to extent of turning it into a blue chip investment. This is entirely my fault. I just haven’t been able to do it effectively. Yet. Certainly not like Damien Hirst, for example. Andy Warhol.

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