Developing a regular meditation practice in my life has been imperative to maintaining a strong sense of my own spiritual identity – which in turn influences my identity and clarity as an artist. This has helped me no end in understanding the contradictions of the art world and my place in the broader scheme of things.

When I am confronted by my own judgements, particularly in relation to ‘vast amounts of angst ridden neurosis masquerading as art’, this daily meditation practice helps me to expand my understanding of my world and to be curious, rather than dismissive. In this way I develop compassion for the artist’s endeavour and I am better able to understand and accept my own journey.
Meditation and personal development gives me solace when times are times are hard and peace when the alternative is a constantly chattering mind that inhibits my artistic expression. Somehow my spiritual life makes up for unpredictability of the daily chaos that could easily become the life of the career artist.
When I meditate I am, literally, in my element – sensitive, sincere and loving. Any insecurities, or inadequacies, I experience as an artist, or any reservations or judgements I might carry about the art world and the shenanigans that go on there, are ironed out and life begins to make sense.
Young artists, and career artists, who envision making their living from art, would do well to consider a spiritual practice that nourishes their life. This hour-a-day to commune with your deepest self is precious time and must take priority in the artist’s day.
Artistic revelations are a regular occurrence for all creative people. The opportunity for revelations to appear for an artist, as their individual creative territory is explored, is immense.
By providing these personal examples of some of my own influences and revelations, I hope to offer deeper insight into the complexities of the artist’s journey and deliver glimpses into the reality of the artist’s career.
The artist’s career walks the fine line of marriage between the material and the spiritually creative planes.
This career will, on the one hand, include inventiveness, income generation, awareness of the ego and a willingness to seek financial support, perhaps in the form of patrons and benefactors – and, on the other hand, a remembrance that there remains the importance of romance, sensitivity, meditation and the maintenance of a balanced spiritual life.

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