In art and business, success is the end result of creative visualization and specific, concrete goal setting. And really, that’s just a fancy way of saying that both art and business define what they want from their endeavours and then set out to get it in the SMARTest way possible.

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With art and business, know what you want and set goals.

Visualize what it is you are seeking and what you expect out of your creative business. Artists all to often enter this business environment without knowing what they want or what is possible. When you are sitting alone in your studio and you’re wondering why you’re not having any success, have you ever asked yourself how much you’re willing to sacrifice for that success?  Success often requires hard work and sacrifice. The degree to which you’re willing to go will be entirely up to you. Think carefully about what you really want to accomplish and set some goals to help you get there. If, for example, you want to have four exhibitions a year, start planning for them. Make the necessary connections. Have a target and set your goals.

When you set your goals, think of this word: SMART.

Specific: your goals as an artist need to be specific

Measurable: create a system of determining your progress.

Attainable: set goals you can reach.

Realistic: set reasonable expectations for achieving these goals.

Time: set time limits and deadlines.

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