Public Speaking

Other tools of influence.

It’s very handy to have a toolbox at your disposal. As a public speaker one very good tool to having that box is the ability to use NLP.

A good resource book on this subject is called: “The unfair advantage – Sell with NLP”, by Duane Larkin.

Take some time to learn about the amazing skills of influence and persuasion.

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Also look at NLP techniques, these teach you the effective use of communication psychology.NLP is a pattern of speaking. There are no “ums” and few “buts”.

Justice O’Connor has produced two books called: “Introduction to NLP” and “Selling with NLP”. Also good reference books on the subject. Human beings minds like to fill in the gaps.

Take this for example. Pick a number between 1 to 4. Most people will answer with the number three. We were influenced to choose three because we’ve already used one to and four. Consider that. Engage your audience emotionally and intellectually.

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