I find it is beneficial in a multitude of ways to reflect on what you have done as a creator. This can help with future directions and can also act as a signpost for yourself about important and pivotal times in your career, times which you may want to elaborate about clearly in lectures or in your own writings about your work.

I have delivered many lectures over the years on my environmental art, environmental issues and other aspects of art. In these lectures I cover all of the key periods in my work. I enjoy delivering these lectures and traveling to various parts of the globe to share my insights and reflections. I enjoy the interaction that I have with the audience. The questions I receive probe and challenge me to give honest and thought-provoking answers. I’ve been an artist for approximately thirty years now, and it’s a great honor to be in a position where I can share my experiences.

It’s also a specifically interesting time to be working with these environmental themes. When I first began working with environmental issues it was a relatively new phenomenon. I was aware of only a few other artists at that time who were working along the same lines as myself, perhaps one or two, but not many.

Many people also didn’t know what to make of this artistic process. These days, you see a lot of this type of work, which is helping to highlight the plight of our planet.
I see myself continuing to share my body of work through lectures and other media, while continuing to create new art.

I would like to share helpful information in all forms of products and lectures with a very broad audience, so they can use to develop their own skills and have deeper insights into their own work and themselves.

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