I believe we are at a point in time where we are about to take a quantum leap in consciousness. It is essential. The way that things are on the planet can’t continue like this and I feel that if each of us begins at home with ourselves with our own transformation we may have a chance of bringing this much-needed sense of oneness to our planet once again. In many ways we have no choice, it’s either a case of extinction or cooperation, not only amongst ourselves as human beings, but also between human beings and all other beings including animals birds and fish and the over all well-being of our beautiful planet.

I, like everyone in our global community, am aware of the worsening calamities happening daily on our planet. Man can certainly change his behaviour and attitudes which will help, but unless we truly see the importance of coming together in cooperation rather than continually separating through competition then we will never be able to face major global natural disasters, ones that seem to be happening more regularly as each day goes on.

I feel the current intensity coming to such a pitch at the moment where it feels like it is only going to continue this way. It will naturally get to a point where to simply stay sane and to be of any benefit, one will need to have found a place within themselves that is very centred and meditative. Most people are still unaware of this unfortunately and will probably realise too late how essential this quality is.

It’s not an accident that so many mystics have pinpointed the next couple of years as being a time of major upheaval and crucial change for the whole planet. Not only Nostradamus and many others spoke about this, but also the Mayan calendar has always pointed to December 2012, as being the date when time stops. Do we completely ignore these signposts as being mere suspicion? Or do we open our eyes and see what’s happening on the planet at the moment and see it may be possible that things are about to take a dramatic shift. I’m not talking about a negative thing necessarily, as these things can be seen as positive, but I am talking about fundamental shifts in consciousness that I believe are necessary and unavoidable if we are to continue to survive.

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