Without a certain amount of self-confidence an artist or student won’t have the required ability to put him/herself out there by marketing their art.

If you want to market yourself correctly you need to not only feel confident about what it is that you do by creating good strong work in the first place, but you also need to feel confident about bringing it to the market place. If you have a feeling that there are too many stumbling blocks in your career and creativity, you may need a re-assessment. The following suggestions may help.

Confidence develops the longer that you work. Be aware there are no instant or quick solutions to building confidence as an artist. Mostly there’s a tendency to be overly tentative when creating work in the studio, which can also lead to overworking. This is a mistake and it can get in the way of creativity. To be honest, there are no shortcuts. You will see that the more you work, the more you’re committed in your studio to the creation of new artworks, the more these works will take on a life of their own. And as a natural offshoot you will want to put that work out there by marketing it in the best way possible. You might think that this is overconfidence but it’s not. It’s the next step in your career.

One thing you do need to remember is that the level of competition is extremely high. I’m not talking here only about the competition level when it comes to artists marketing artwork and selling artwork successfully. I’m talking about the level of competition that is out there with the quality of work being produced.

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