I can provide a list of business advice points for artists as a guideline help prompt artists to remember in a few easy steps how to be clear with business.
I can help you create an effective and a proven varied income stream as a wealth creation for artists through creating artist’s products for sale on the Internet through teaching a principle called the Parthenon principal.

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This is simply referring to setting up a multi-tiered or multi-pillared income stream.
I have been a leader in my field for well over a decade now and I have learnt, how important it is to develop a clear business approach in my work.
This is the information age. It is a time where people worldwide have access 24 hours a day, to information. There has literally never been a better time in the history of mankind for sharing information.
I believe it is relatively easy to set up a way of creating wealth for artists, through simply sharing what it is that you know best.
Have you ever imagined writing a book for example, creating a series of CDs, or DVDs, or even having a subscription-based newsletter on your website? These things are all possible and can be learnt in simple steps.  You will find yourself inspired to your own success by simply including in your life some simple structures.
In my monthly updated subscriptions you will find the most amazing tips and common questions answered.
If you want to be an artist who achieves runaway success and have a great income by simply following some simple steps… click here to see more…

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