You can use a number of methods in your public speaking engagements. I have one called the “Fast track highway to success” for example, which I articulate through a series of diagrams, how easy it is to get sidetracked when you’re doing a project and get lost, only to eventually find yourself back on the super-highway way behind your competition.

You can find your own metaphors, which serve your speaking engagement best. Once you have these in place you can weave the stories into a few as an introduction. This is called stacking. It’s a very effective way of bringing messages home and engaging your audience right from the outset. I might begin a lecture for example, using the metaphor about the “X” factor, followed on shortly afterwards via the “Fast track highway to success”, just to really strengthen the message that I’m trying to convey.

It works. It’s effective. You can guide the flow of information just the way you want to. Have a look around and seek your own metaphors. There are many available, just Google or go to your local bookstore and research.

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