Number one. Use your voice to create feelings within people.

Two. Remember to use tonality.

Three. You don’t want to be loud or yell, – just have a good microphone.??To quieten people down: just go: “sh sh sh sh sh….” These really work, or raise your voice. This is a fantastic way to get people’s attention. You can also do this by just going quieter.

There are other techniques you can also use during the course of a public speaking lecture. There is a technique called ‘Pattern interrupted’ which is like what I suggested above with the: sh sh sh sh sh…. or you can completely change the subject by going: “Can you smell that? Is that popcorn?“– This is a good example.

Sometimes when you use these particular techniques, they can have the ability to diffuse arguments and anger for example in a private conversation, or in a lecture – if people are getting distracted.

“The art of speaking”.

One. Speaking is more than just words. Activate curiosity.

Two. Connect on the emotional level. There are six psychological pillars.

Three. Imprint thoughts in their minds. Leave a vision on their minds.

Four. Use language that empowers. Be clear and positive.

Five. Provide relevant information.

Six. Make a great use of people’s time.

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