Public Speaking

The right educators.

With public speaking it’s important that speakers know their topic thoroughly.

Speakers need to be able to entertain. As I have said previously, there is nothing worse than being in the audience of a boring speaker. Avoid this at all costs.

Avoid being in the audience where there is a boring speaker and most importantly avoid being a boring speaker.

Speakers need to be able to sell what it is they’re speaking about. This can range from information about modern art, or about sculpture for example.

You need to understand that when you are standing in front of an audience delivering a lecture, making a public speaking engagement, you are selling whatever it is you’re speaking about.

You don’t want people to get up and walk out after five minutes, so bearing that in mind, you want them to buy what it is that you are selling or talking about.

Speakers need to provide support for their audience. They also need to deliver on the promises that they give in their lecture.



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