Everyone faces challenges in their career. They are necessary, inevitable and, at best, career transforming and life changing. When the goalposts shift, we get the chance to propel ourselves to the next level.

It’s my belief that we can be thankful for those times when we are tested and challenged by various issues that appear unexpectedly as we develop in our varying fields. There are also times where we as artists feel we may have undermined our success by standing in the way of opportunities in some way, or that on reflection we may have preferred to approach one process or another in a vastly different way. Whatever the case, we experience challenges in our art careers for one reason only and that is to learn, develop and grow not only as an artist but also as a person.
Recent challenges in my career have involved me surrendering my identity as an artist. I’ve walked many different paths in my life and have pursued them all with a tremendous amount of ambition. My saving grace with all of them has been that most of these paths have either been artistic or spiritual and therefore, I suppose, somewhat exotic. Sometimes I’ve ventured into materialistic property investments, speculations and even stock market risk-taking. In all of these though, I have only ever had what I believe to be mediocre success.

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