Although one of my favourite places to exhibit is in New York, I also love to show in many places on the international stage. I’ve been accustomed to exhibiting my art in many places other than my home country Australia, because of a number of reasons. I believe the primary reason is because of my work being different from standard practice.

Being an environmental artist does set me apart from the standard notions and practices of artists. I’m not seen as a painter, or a sculptor for example and because of this I feel my work has been accepted and in demand from a wider audience.

Up until 10 to 15 years ago environmental art was a little heard of phrase. There were not many environmental artists practicing, with the exception of some notable artists such as Robert Smithson and Andy Goldsworthy for example. But even their work has only become more popular as a result of environmental art becoming more greatly accepted over these years.

Also because of my being a regional artist, not living in a city centre in Australia like Sydney or Melbourne, I find I’m a bit more out of the loop there and less city centric, or in this case Australian city centric. As a result, it has become almost easier for me to respond to international invitations to exhibit. In this way I have taken up many offers of exhibitions in New York, LA, Europe including Milan and Amsterdam as well as Japan and China.

I very much enjoy the excitement of New York and the number of good friends I have that live there on a permanent basis. I love topping up my cultural experience, by visiting all of the major art galleries and museums when I am there for an exhibition, or when I’m there to meet with gallery directors with the aim of setting up exhibitions.

In many ways, it’s a very similar situation for me when I go to Europe and when I spend time in Amsterdam, which is my usual European base, as my wife is Dutch and we visit there fairly often. I have a dealer in Holland who exhibits my work, which makes our trips there always both for seeing the family as well is doing business.

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