What makes speakers boring?

One. A monotone voice.

Two. A lack of clear focus.

Three. Poor facial expressions. For example, there are tests being done that show, when it comes to influencing people, 50% of that influence happens through physicality and 35% happens through the voice.

Four. No passion.

Five. The topic nobody cares about.

Six. The slouchy appearance.

Seven. Slow speech patterns.

Eight. Reading instead of speaking.

Nine. Insufficient eye contact.

Ten. Annoying physical habits.

What do you think is boring?

On the other hand, success is when:

One. You talk about a topic people love.

Two. Your voice draws them in.

Three. Your personalities are similar.

Four. Your points are relevant to them.

Five. Your stories shift them emotionally.

Six. They use transformational mechanisms.

Seven. They make you feel you were speaking directly to them, not down to them.

Eight. You are authentically you.

Nine. You speak in conversational tones as this attracts more than notes.

The goals of effective communication.

One. Communicate with purpose.

Two. Communicate with real passion.

Three. Communicate with precision.

This is very important, so remember it:

The unbreakable law of professional speaking is: If you do not know the purpose of your message, no one else will.

Also remember your physicality is a very important aspect of public speaking, it doesn’t matter what level of public speaking you are engaging in.

Your look defines you. Market yourself correctly. Dress for success.

There are books that have been written about this particular component:  Amazon books has a publication by John T Malloy, which is called: “Dress for success”. This is worth a read.

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