Artwork exhibited at ARTiade 2004 | Olympics of Visual Arts.

Title: “Primary Digital Prints on Canvas” (Triptych)
Date: 2003
Medium: Digital prints on canvas
Size: 3 x 2 m (h) x 1 m (w)

ARTiade 2004 | Olympics of Visual Arts.
Consisting of international curators and art experts from 5 continents, the jury meetings took place from 3—6 May and 19—21 May, 2004 at the German Goethe Institute in Athens. In accordance of the spirit of ARTiade | Olympics of Visual Arts which is to provide a unique platform for all nations to present their cultures and development through the presence of artists and their art works, the jury worked out the finallists through two rounds of prudent examination and keen debates.

There were more than 4,500 entries from 120 Nations submitted and the jury selected 172 Artists from 78 Nations for the participants for the ARTiade 2004 Olympics exhibition.

John Dahlsen was one of 2 Australian artists who represented Australia in this exhibition which is run in conjunction with the Olympic Games in Athens and is known as the Olympics of Visual Arts 2004.

The other artist chosen who also represented Australia was: David Kelly.

Dates of the exhibition: 12 August to 29 September 2004.

For further information on the Artiade 2004 Olympics exhibition click here.